1014597 - Private Dancer Pole Kit

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Everything you need for a night of sensual seduction... this kit includes: - Pink Stripper Pole with interlocking ceiling cap; can be used with or without screws (included) - Adjustable: minimum height: 7' 4'' (2.2 m) maximum height: 9' 2'' (2.7m) - Your first black feather boa compliments your sexy lingerie - Play money-- 1, 5, 10 and 20 dollar bills so he can ''show you'' how you're doing - Erotic Dancing for Your Lover instructional DVD (approx. 45 minutes) - Erotic Dancing reference guide - Rubber non-slip pads protect floor and ceiling - Use on hardwood floor or carpet - Heavy duty steel for longevity Installation instructions: - TEST POLE FOR STURDINESS BEFORE USE, DO NOT PUT FULL WEIGHT ON POLE, DO NOT PERFORM ACROBATIC SPINS ON POLE